Italian Queen (marked)


Italian Queen Bee [marked]

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Local Mated Johnston County Italian Queen Bee [marked]

This Queen is from our excellent breeding stock going back to the daughter from our healthiest, gentle and most productive hive dating back to 2021.  To ensure the queen is mated well these Queens are open-air mated in our apiary containing 21 production hives in Johnston County NC 40/42 McGee’s Crossroads.

Before the queens are posted ‘for sale’ she is confirmed mated and laying for 1-2 weeks.  Her laying pattern is confirmed that she is mated well and is a good viable queen ready for sale!  If we would not use her we would not sell her!

Queens are in JZBZ queen cages and contain attendants.
Best way to install the queen cage is to rubber band it to a frame.

Italian bees are highly productive, focuses on raising brood. They are one of the most docile of the bee subspecies. Italians are great foragers. They readily build comb and have less tendency to swarm.

    • High productivity and honey creation
    • Very prolific; focuses on raising brood
    • One of the gentlest and most docile of the bee subspecies
    • Readily builds comb
    • Readily enters supers
    • Wonderful foragers
    • Less tendency to swarm than other subspecies
    • Strong cleaning behaviors
    • Great for areas with continuous nectar flow and favorable weather throughout the summer


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